Our States Matter

Reclaiming Our Statehouses

We believe the road to rebuilding our democracy runs through our states and undoing systemic gerrymandering and voter suppression by flipping seats and chambers from red to blue.

When redistricting occurs in 2021, state legislatures will set the Congressional and state district maps for the next decade.  We deploy a scalable model that makes innovative digital campaigns accessible to state legislature candidates, providing turnkey production, post-production, and distribution support to a space that typically lacks the bandwidth required for robust digital messaging — with the ultimate goal of reclaiming our statehouses before 2021.


“Christine’s passion for helping progressive candidates, her personal commitment to each candidate, and her unflappable poise in the heat of a campaign are priceless.”

– Representative Sydney Batch, North Carolina House of Representatives

Integral Introducing Me To Voters

Christine was integral in creating some of the fabulous digital content that was essential to introducing me to the voters in my district, including an ad  aired on the Rachel Maddow Show after the election. I would not imagine running for office without her as part of my team.”

-Delegate Wendy Gooditis, Virginia House of Delegates

Invaluable Assistance - Captured My Passion

“As a first-time candidate, Christine Bachman’s assistance to my campaign was invaluable. Her video captured my passion and reasons for running much better than the usual campaign tools did.”

-Representative Sydney Batch, North Carolina House of Representatives

Strategies That Penetrate

“Christine Bachman is always thinking about how to combine message content and messaging medium to connect with a target audience and move them. She uses research and best practices on messaging along with her own knack for understanding what is compelling to create strategies that penetrate. Her ability to combine creativity and analysis means that she is consistently able to come up with new ideas and solutions that are highly likely to work.”

-Rep. Graig Meyer, North Carolina House Democratic Caucus Campaign Chair