It’s a campaign axiom that you “must meet voters where they are”
— and in 2020, that means online.

U.S. adults spend an average of 6 hours per day with digital media.

73% of US Adults use YouTube
69% of US Adults use Facebook

—Pew Research Center, 2019

Many voters don’t answer their doors or landlines, don’t watch TV, but absolutely do spend hours in their social media feeds and streaming their shows online. We equip candidates with the digital tools to “knock” on voters’ virtual doors with customized messaging targeted to resonate with precisely the voters needed to win.

Deploying Effective Digital Campaigns to Win at the State Legislature Level

We need to bring every single tool for reaching voters to this fight, but state leg candidates typically lack the resources, bandwidth and know-how to launch and manage effective digital campaigns that could push them across the finish line of races that can be decided by single digit margins. We work to close this gap.

Benefits of Digital

Digital’s unique benefits make it the best bang for the campaign buck.


“Smart bombs” instead of the “carpetbombing” approach of TV. Customized messages for customized audiences.


Voters can like, share, post, and poll, engaging their communities in support of new candidates.


Reaching thousands of voters with compelling messaging quickly and inexpensively—in state leg races that can literally be decided by a single vote, it’s a gamechanger.


Eliminates the lead time of traditional ad buys and mailer printing, allows flexibility of targeted, rapid response messaging, and effectively defending against attacks/misinformation in the last days of a campaign.


Madison Avenue, Trump, and the Republicans understand and have embraced the power of digital.